A downloadable soundscape

Disrupted Transmission (Demo)
by alfredofreak
Made for the 2016 Fermi Paradox Jam: https://itch.io/jam/fermi-paradox-jam

One potential answer for the Fermi Paradox is that humans are not listening properly. I decided to interpret this from a sound design perspective. How might a person be listening incorrectly? How can someone bring unintelligible signals into the realm of the comprehensible (and vice versa)? What are some really cool sounds I can use?

WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS? Two options:
1) Listen. This is a soundscape after all! ^____^
2) Search. The Data Collection team has sent you a briefing on the transmission. They think they may have found something.

What lies within this .ZIP is a mere fraction of what I had planned. While I have cobbled this together for the sake of the jam deadline, I am calling this a demo in case I expand upon it in the future.

Special thanks to Hysvear! He played guitar while I experimented with various effects during one of the recording sessions for this project.


DisruptedTransmissionDemo.zip 9 MB

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